Family Transformed Totally By Cash Transfer


Fifty-year old AdiWario’s family seems to have hit the right codes of life. Attributes range from beautiful, successful businesswoman, loving husband rearing revered livestock, children in good schools including one at a leading university in Kenya. Interestingly, life was not always this way. Adi’s family’s transformation results from an encouraging jerk in life they received from HSNP’s cash transfer.

Adi says she and her husband were at one time jobless and desperate, with six children to fend for. They lived from hand to mouth. adi-warioadi-wario

“ Life was difficult, with three meals a day a pipe dream”, she recalls.

As they struggled to receive relief hand-outs from national and international organisations, HSNP emerged with its cash transfer initiative that appealed to people like herself and husband, who had tasted poverty and were yearning to get out of it.

“ As everybody today puts on clothes, I decided to establish a second hand clothes business that has a wide market,” she shares.

Adi says of glaring financial challenges they faced coupled with many needs, she saved a capital of Kshs. 20,000/= over several months from the initial Kshs. 2,150 and later Kshs. 3,500/= cash transfers received.

She says that they recognized their humble beginnings and challenges, teamed up with her supportive spouse with whom they worked tirelessly. From a derelict temporary shop, they have now established a permanent one constructed with iron sheets.

While recognizing her husband’s support, she is full of praise for women within the area, a majority who are in the cash transfer program.

“ This program has been successful because it mostly targeted women. Unlike some men, women never allow their families and especially children to suffer from poverty,” she says.

Giving her life as an example she says she and her husband have been able to educate all their children, with even one now at Kenya’s prestigious Egerton University.

“ Taking our area as an example, I appeal to the government to focus more on the empowering cash transfers. It is sad that those who are not in the program are still struggling in poverty, while the quality of life of those who are in has changed,” she concludes.

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