HSNP Scalability

HSNP provides regular cash transfers to the poorest households.However, one of the major objective of HSNP is to rapidly scale-up to additional vulnerable households in times of crisis (e.g. drought, flood). For this reason, ALL households in the four Counties were registered and Bank Accounts are being opened for all. In addition, HSNP is creating the infrastructure for any other Government body or donor to deliver emergency (or regular) cash transfer payments. Design of emergency scale-up mechanism is ongoing

  • First version manual was completed in 2013
  • Workshop took place to help define parameters earlier 2014
  • The actual design of the scale up guidance is ongoing with a deadline target of mid-December 2014

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Following the current prolonged drought, HSNP  first time made emergency payments to Group 2 households in the affected four Counties for the period of January- March 2015. A further emergency disbursement was made in May 2015. Several documents including HSNP Scalability options paper and Emergency Payments strategy has been developed.

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Read more on local and International media coverage of HSNP Emergency payments on http://www.hsnp.or.ke/index.php/news/current-news

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